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Boutique Art & Wellness Instructions



  • The temperature of the shower is regulated exclusively from the thermostat (never more than 50 °, 39 ° recommended).
  • The shower has three functions: horizontal jets, overhead shower and hand shower.
jacuzzi caliente


  • Turn the tap to the left (hot) and let the water run until it covers the level of the air valves.
  • The hydromassage button is located in the upper right corner of the jacuzzi, covered by a small round cover.
  • Do not press the hydromassage button until the water has covered the air valves.
  • Use caution when exiting, spread out the towels on the step to avoid slipping.

*IMPORTANT: Never increase the temperature more than 50 °. If the fuses blow, contact maintenance.



  • You will find a broom and a mop in the bottom drawer of the jacuzzi step.
  • You will find a cleaning kit, garbage bags, a hairdryer, and extra toilet paper under the sink.
  • There is an ironing board inside the art chest.


  • There are four LEDs on the ceiling of the room and one on the fountain.
  • All LEDs can be turned on and off with the same remote, located next to the television.

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